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The Central Band is the Premier band of the Royal British Legion and is able to provide music to suit any number of different events. The following are our most popular groups and you will find more details below on this page.

  • Dance Band

  • Saxophone Quartet

  • Brass Quintet

  • Clarinet Quartet

  • Fanfare Trumpeters

You can hear a selection of demonstration recordings here.  If you are interested in booking us for your event then please contact us to discuss your requirements and for details of how to book.

Examples of some of the events we have supported:

  • Concerts with a band of up to 45 players

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Memorial services

  • Corporate events wtih entertainment or background music from a quartet / quintet

  • Formal dinners

  • Fanfare trumpets

  • Dances with either the full 17 piece dance band or smaller combination


Dance Band

The dance band performs for dances, receptions, corporate events and concerts. With a normal main line up,  a full 17 piece big band, however smaller combinations are available on request. The dance band regularly performs with a male, 'Sinatra' style singer, and a female vocalist.

The band music library contains big band instrumental and vocal standards as well as more recent offerings.

Thursday night is big band night on the Eastbourne bandstand

Big Band dance for the North Hants Golf Club


Saxophone Quartet

A Saxophone quartet offers a rich, closely blended sound, spread over a wide range and suitable for a very large catalogue of music styles.

The music library contains published and commissioned arrangements of pieces ranging from light classics, arrangements of big band and swing numbers to popular standards.

The four players undertake a variety of engagements including receptions, background music for formal dinners, corporate events and small concerts.




Brass Quintet

The brass quintet performs for receptions, corporate events and concerts providing a variety of music from an extensive library.

Featured in the picture, from right to left, are Andy, Soo, Rodney, Tony and Sam


Clarinet Quartet

A Clarinet quartet offers a small and intimate music group with a blended sound suitable for a wide range of styles.

The clarinet quartet performs for receptions, corporate events and concerts providing a variety of music from an extensive library.

Featured in the picture are Hale, Debbie, Karin and Louise


Fanfare Trumpets

The Fanfare Trumpets are used when an event needs a spectacular introduction; a team of seven trumpets perform here for the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall


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